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Payment Methods

Gold Road Trade 2008-10-26

Payment methods available include:

1, Credit Card

2, bank transfer

About Credit Card payment, please pay it online.

You need to pay your order total to us, we will cover for bank transfer handling fee with 10% discount. Please contact us if you need to pay these payments information, we will reply you how to pay it.


Have Problem with the Credit Card Payment?

1.Why payment was failed ?

Check your payment information firstly, you may write wrong. Then if the payment failed again, that's because your payment is rejected by Credit Card, please call the bank to release the payment and try again with the Credit Card or use another Card. You need not resubmit the order again, just login your account on our site and click"My Account"--"My orders" and then click the order to pay.

2.Why I paid but the order showed unpaid ?

Once you paid, the bank will take a few hours to confirm the payment, so your order will be mark paid in a few hours later. Please don't worry.

3.What i should do after payment failed ?

Hi, dear friend
Please login your account to try to checkout your order again(try again firstly).
We supply visa(online), mastercard(online), bank transfer payments(10% discount).
There is 3 reasons for payment Failed or Declined:
1. Your information is wrong or the billing address was different with your card billing address.
2. Insufficient Balance or Card Limit! Please check your Balance or Card Limit and checkout again.
3. Your bank rejected it as it is international transaction, please contact card-issuing bank to allow the transaction.
Please check your information or contact your bank to allow the transaction firstly, then checkout again.
Please try with a different card or try again at a later time if the payment still can not go through after you contact your bank.

All orders from us will be shipped out within 24 hours after the payment.
We guarantee that the packages from us must be delivered to you, please don't worry about the delivery.
Hope we can do long-term business with you and your friends.
Hope you order next time with your friends thanks.
The more you order, the cheaper you get.
Thanks, If you have any questions or need assistance, please free to contact us.
Wish you good shopping.
Best regards,
Sales Representative

edited  on June 1st, 2016

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